“As your next lieutenant governor, I will always put principle before Party, make economic growth for the entire commonwealth—not just the well-connected—the top priority, and promote freedom by opposing all discrimination and protecting religious liberty.”

Jill’s Record: Bold New Leadership For Virginia

Grow the Economy: Vogel is recognized by Virginia’s leading business organizations as an effective champion of policies that create economic growth and jobs. Representing a district that includes rural areas, Vogel also has been a leader in advocating for rural economies and protecting agriculture in Virginia, which still remains the largest sector of Virginia’s economy.

Defend the Constitution: Vogel introduced and successfully passed a law prohibiting the individual Obamacare mandate to purchase health insurance. She also introduced the “Repeal Amendment” bill allowing states to repeal any unwanted federal law or regulation.

Defend the 2nd Amendment: Vogel’s record on the 2nd Amendment has earned her an A+ rating from the National Rifle Association – one of only two senators with that score — and a perfect score from the Virginia Citizens Defense League.

Enforce Immigration Laws: In her first year in the Senate, Vogel became a leader in enforcing our immigration laws. She introduced bills to allow state law enforcement to initiate deportation proceedings, to ban in-state tuition for illegal immigrants, and to require law enforcement to check immigration status as part of every arrest.

Create Education Opportunities: Vogel has supported school choice legislation, charter schools, and education savings accounts to give parents more control and choice over the education of their children.

Protect Women and Children: This year Vogel successfully banned child-marriage in Virginia. She has worked to crack down on child predators and was a leader in the charge to provide insurance coverage in Virginia for children with autism. Vogel has introduced pro-life legislation while advocating for women’s health, protections for victims of domestic violence, and human trafficking.