A Busy Summer on the Campaign Trail

October 18, 2016

Lunch Supporting our Presidential Campaign


In Fairfax County, I joined other Republican leaders in supporting Donald Trump and Mike Pence in their bid to return Republican leadership to the White House. My election will not be until next year and right now, our top priority is winning next month’s election. It is imperative we elect Donald Trump and Mike Pence so Hillary Clinton cannot continue President Obama’s legacy of federal overreach and making it difficult for Virginians to lead our own Commonwealth.

Leadership Institute’s Annual Conservative Soiree


The annual Conservative Soiree hosted by Morton Blackwell’s Leadership Institute is a long-standing tradition for Virginia’s conservative leaders. Not even a torrential downpour of afternoon rain could keep us away from Bull Run Regional Park where I was honored to speak to the group, as well as listen to the ideas of many other conservative leaders and activists. Despite the downpour, we spent our July 4th afternoon committed together in the cause of liberty.


Supporting Gun Rights at the NRA Women’s Leadership Summit

I was honored to join Susan LaPierre at the NRA’s annual Women’s Leadership Summit. To a full house, we heard from strong, pro-Second Amendment women about the vital importance of defending our gun rights and our nation’s sporting heritage. As I have said on the campaign trail, gun rights are women’s rights, and we must do all we can to defend our right to defend our families. As your next lieutenant governor, I will fight to defend your Second Amendment rights. What part of, “Shall not be infringed” do opponents not understand?

Supporting Tom Garrett for Congress at the Fauquier County Fair

Despite July’s hott4eat, we worked the GOP booth at the Fauquier County Fair where an energized team of Republicans was working hard to help my friend Senator Tom Garrett in his race for Congress. In speaking with so many of my friends and neighbors, the desire for conservative leadership is clear. Thanks to all those who braved the heat to represent our party, our candidates, and our ideas.

Summer iott14s Barbecue and Picnic Season
Summer is the season for Republican barbecues and picnics! Traveling across the Commonwealth, from Pulaski to Prince George to Prince Edward, I was delighted to be the guest of so many of our local Republican committees joining together in summer fellowship before the busy fall campaign season. Thanks to everyone who helped with the planning and who brought their families out for some good food and better times with our Republican friends!
Our Southwest Virginia Tour

In August Iott2 spent several days traveling through Southwest Virginia listening to the needs and ideas of local conservatives eager for new leadership in Richmond. From talking taxes in Botetourt to learning more about coal in Wise, local Republicans greeted us with the warmest hospitality and the highest hopes for a better future. While at the grand opening of the Montgomery GOP HQ, local Republicans were energized and ready to elect Donald Trump and Mike Pence in November! Thanks to Delegates Todd Pillion and Joseph Yost along with my Senate colleague Ben Chafin for hosting us across Southwest Virginia.

Proudly Supporting Virginia Coal

ott15Virginia coal is important for our economy, and even more important to the tens of thousands of families who depend on coal for jobs in Southwest Virginia. During our Southwest tour, we stopped by the Virginia Hybrid Energy Center in Wise, where advanced coal technologies keep our lights on, our energy costs low, and our friend and neighbors employed. As your next lieutenant governor, I will put jobs first, doing everything I can to stop the war on coal and get our fellow Virginians back to work. I am proud to be a friend of Virginia coal.

Business Visit at McKesson’s New Winchester Distribution Facility

ott8Four years ago, McKesson, a manufacturer of health care products, invested $39 million in a 450,000 square foot distribution center, bringing hundreds of new jobs to the Winchester area. Delegate Dave LaRock and I were thrilled to see their progress as we learned what they do here in Northern Virginia. As lieutenant governor, I look forward to doing all I can to encourage more companies to locate new facilities and bring new jobs to Virginia. After years of lackluster economic growth, I know Virginia can do better.

Candidate Forum in New Kent

In September we visited New Kent County to share a message of conservative principles and Republican unity in one of the early candidate forums in my campaign for lieutenant governor. Over the coming months, I look forward to many more opportunities to share my ideas for putting conservative governing principles into action in Richmond.

Remembering September 11 in the Valley

The annivott12ersary of the September 11th terrorist attacks is a day for our nation to come together in remembrance of those we lost as well as in celebration of the countless acts of bravery by police, firefighters, and ordinary citizens during one of our nation’s darkest hours. Joining me at the Church of the Valley were Col. Oliver North, Congressman Bob Goodlatte and so many others determined never to let the memory of that tragic day fade. We will never forget.

Speaking with the Virginia Sheriff’s Association

As a Senator, I have worked hard to support law enforcement and honor those who risk their lives to protect and serve. Speaking before the Virginia Sheriff’s Association gave me an oott11pportunity to not only share how I plan to support law enforcement, but also, hear their concerns and listen to their needs. I am not ashamed to say that Blue Lives Matter.

Bob Goodlatte’s Annual BBQ – The Rally in the Valley

In late Seott3ptember I was in Harrisonburg for the valley’s largest Republican event – Congressman Goodlatte’s annual BBQ. Conservative enthusiasm was off the charts as the Judiciary Committee chairman welcomed a record-setting crowd ready to win back Virginia. I spoke about our need for Republican unity to win our elections and protect the traditional valley values I learned growing in nearby Shenandoah County. Thanks to Congressman Goodlatte and so many valley conservative volunteers for your warm hospitality.

Supporting Barbara Comstock for Congress Here at Homeott5

Barbara Comstock’s district is critical for Republicans and that’s why I proudly joined my friends at an event to help her raise resources to defeat the Democrat in this tough district. In just her first term, Barbara has taken the lead in fighting for lower taxes and stopping defense cuts while consistently advocating for solving Northern Virginia’s transportation problems. Working together, Republicans are doing all we can to keep the Tenth District under Republican leadership!

The Family Foundation’s Annual Gala

ott6In Richmond, we joined hundreds of other pro-family leaders at the Family Foundation’s annual gala where we heard from keynote speaker and radio host Laura Ingraham. Growing up in the Shenandoah Valley, I learned the importance of the foundational values of faith and family and appreciate the hard work of so many leaders coming together to stand on principle for the strong values which make strong families.

Virginia Senate Republican Caucus Meets in Charlottesville

September remained busy as Virginia’s Republican senators came together in Charlottesville for our annual retreat. My colleagues and I shared our thoughts on the issues facing Virginia and how conservative ideas could address those challenges in the coming legislative session. Politics isn’t all work — and after the conference — we visited Albemarle County for a fun hot air bott9alloon ride with friends and colleagues. Virginia’s Republican Senate majority is eagerly looking forward to advancing conservative principles and passing an amended, responsible budget in the coming session.

Joining Conservatives at Liberty Farm Festival

Over 1000 coott16nservatives joined our Virginia Republican candidates to listen to Vice Presidential nominee Mike Pence headline the first annual Liberty Farm Festival in beautiful Paris, along with food and fun for the whole family. With such amazing turnout, I believe this will be the start of a new annual tradition.

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